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  • Gang of Six Deficit Plan = Bowles-Simpson Lite

    By Merrill Goozner, The Fiscal Times

    The new “Gang of Six” proposal for slashing deficits by $3.7 trillion over the coming decade targets many of the same sacred cows that the Bowles-Simpson fiscal commission went after last December –...

  • Gov't Advisers: No Copays for Contraceptives


    WASHINGTON (AP) — Millions of women stand to gain free access to a broad menu of birth control methods, thanks to a recommendation issued Tuesday by health experts advising the government. An...

  • Brouhaha Erupts Over Obscure Medicare-Board


    A new Medicare board that Republicans are calling a "rationing panel" could become the next boogeyman in the nation's hyperbolic health care debate.

  • Rising Health Care Curve Won’t Bend, Even for Obama

    By Merrill Goozner, The Fiscal Times

    Medicare and Medicaid costs are expected to double in the next decade, a phenomenon the Congressional Budget Office has found to be occurring over the last 10 years in spite of demonstration projects...

  • Pawlenty, Huntsman also Touted Health Care Reform

    By ALEC MacGILLIS, The Washington Post

    The universal health care that Mitt Romney passed as Massachusetts governor has proven to be a popular target for his critics. But it could be Romney’s good luck that his two main establishment...

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